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New Website!

Startup Peoria has a new website. (Obviously.) It’s the first website I (Randon) have ever made from start to finish. Although it’s not much to look at, everything seems to be working properly, and that’s the important thing. Beautifying it will be an ongoing process, so check back regularly and feel free to share your thoughts.

We switched platforms from Squarespace to WordPress.

Squarespace is a good solution for the person who wants to customize his or her website but doesn’t have programming knowledge. It has some strong integrations but it has its limitations as well. For example, adding content to a Squarespace site is as easy as typing in a text field, but occasionally the copy would end up off the page and unreadable.

WordPress is less accessible to the web novice but is much more powerful. The WordPress platform is free and open source, and its community is international in scope and very strong. A lot of people, including members of The Nest, make their living making WordPress websites. There is even a WordPress meetup group that meets at The Nest every month and you are invited. This group provided me with much guidance and encouragement as I was building this new site. Such is the spirit of the WordPress community.

I hope to play a role in bringing a large WordPress convention (called WordCamp) to Peoria in the next year or two, to provide an additional layer of tech focused and entrepreneurship focused goodness to Greater Peoria.

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