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BU Brave Pitch

I had the honor of being one of three judges at the BU Brave Pitch competition on Tuesday night at Bradley University. The event took place in the Westlake Hall Auditorium, which was really nice, and a great venue for the event. Turner Center Director Ken Klotz facilitated the event.

Brave Pitch works like this:

  • only Bradley students can pitch, although public can attend
  • pitches are limited to three minutes
  • pitches are judged by the cumulative scores, according to five criteria (see below)

Judging Criteria (each scored from 0-10):

  1. Definition of the problem or opportunity
  2. Solution to problem or opportunity
  3. Impact of solution/idea
  4. Feasibility of marketing and implementing the solution/idea
  5. Presentation style

Click the link to see a .pdf of the score card — Brave Pitch Competition: Judge Score Card

I really enjoy interacting with Bradley University students and staff, and participating in entrepreneurial programming. We believe that those relationships are vital to the startup community we are building in Peoria.

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