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Idea Night Follow Up

We had a full house for this month’s Idea Night. Idea Night has a simple format. Each idea is given 20 minutes of undivided attention. The pitcher gives a spiel, then, in what remains of the 20 minutes, the group discusses the idea with the intention of providing some sort of valuable discovery for the pitcher.

And sure, it’s fun to go down rabbit holes with ideas, regardless of origin, but my hope for this event is that pitchers use it for things like customer validation, problem-solution fit, and so on.

If each of us took one action per day, whatever the size, on his or her idea, we’d have several projects at the end of a month. Here are a few suggestions for some small actions:

  1. buy a notebook or create one in Evernote and write your business name on the front of it
  2. make lists
  3. google your idea to see what others are doing in the space
  4. send an email to someone who knows more about your idea than you (someone does)
  5. read a chapter of Choose Yourself by James Altucher
  6. watch a Founders School video every day
  7. get a Twitter profile and use it
  8. set up an exploratory meeting with someone at Turner Center for Entrepreneurship
  9. secure a domain name
  10. google “Steve Blank”
  11. fill out a business model canvas
  12. fill out another business model canvas
  13. fill out another business model canvas


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