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Advice From Founder of Intellihot

Nesters are invited to the PNIC tenant luncheon each month to hear about other Peoria startup companies. It’s great to hear about new things and fresh perspectives on solving problems.

Today we heard from Intellihot, which was great because their company was started by two people in a basement, then moved into PNIC to develop their technology and business. At the time they grew out of PNIC, they made the decision to move to Galesburg to take advantage of the skilled labor force that Maytag left behind.

Oh, did I mention that Intellihot created a system that can replace water heaters and furnaces? They originally set out to be a new water heater technology company. As they grew and acquired customers, they realized they are an energy company. And now, some of their customers include Costco, Levi’s, Benihana, and the new San Francisco 49ers football stadium.

The founder, Sri, offered the other entrepreneurs in the room three bits of advice:

  1. Be foolish – there will always be naysayers when it comes to disruption, so embrace the adversity
  2. Be alive – Sri counts the days of his life and it motivates him to make the most of each day
  3. Have fun – enjoy your work
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