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Lessons From EntreFEST: Discovering Investor Whys

This post is the second in a three part series of my own creation, based upon a session with angel investors I attended at EntreFEST 2015 in Iowa City. Read the first post here.

Lesson Two – Discovering Investor Whys

Those readers who have been around Startup Peoria for a while have probably heard us talk about “starting with the Why” and what that means to us. This page should refresh the memory. Anyway, this title may be a bit of a stretch, because I didn’t do any sociological research, but I did listen actively to the panelists.

Here are more things that I wanted to share with the Greater Peoria startup community:

  1. From an investor – “Investors learn from other investors” – angel investing like anything else. There is a learning curve which levels out with guidance and experience.
  2. From an investor – “I offset risk by making several investments” – angel investing is about finding the 10x or 100x rapid growth potential startup company and accelerating its growth. But the risk associated with that sort of early stage investing is disproportionately high. The investing strategy that this particular investor decided upon was to build a portfolio of 20 companies over a few years, so that by the time they cycled, hopefully a few of them would mature. At the time of EntreFEST the investor told us he was in his way to a 50 company portfolio.
  3. From an investor – “I like to invest in local companies, but I’m not giving money away” – Iowans know something about growing things, and it was inspiring to see it live and up close, to hear them talk about committing to starting and growing startup companies in Iowa.
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