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GP Sourcelink

You may remember when we announced that GPEDC, in partnership with City of Peoria and Peoria County, won a grant called Startup in a Day from the Small Business Administration. We’re going to use that money to provide a better online experience for entrepreneurs who want to start doing business in Peoria.

While there may still be obstacles and pain points when dealing with the State and the IRS, our city and county governmental bodies have agreed that they are ready to make things easy with digital solutions.

The project will take a while, of course, but we have opened the lines of communication. One of the resources that may get an upgrade is the Greater Peoria Sourcelink.

For its part, GP Sourcelink is a pretty good database of resources for entrepreneurs as it is. The resource navigator is a nice tool. We’d encourage any business to click around the site to find quick access to information about starting up or growing. If a user should come across an old link or information that isn’t current, feel free to reach out to us with your questions and comments.

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