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Virtual Halo Wins September KeyStart

Last night, Josh Swank of Virtual Halo became the third winner of the KeyStart Pitch Competition. His personal security app provides users an opportunity to share location information with and connect to trusted sources while on the go. Josh Swank has been awarded a $5,000 investment from Attollo along with a four-month membership with The Nest Coworking.

Josh Swank pitched alongside three other finalists for the investment. Paul Westmark of Pregame Grills presented his business idea for a maximum convenience grill rental service. Gary W. Lay of Comfort 360 CPAP Mask shared his innovative improvement on the sleep apnea mask. Lastly, Erik Reader of Prairie Entrepreneurship Notes told us about his idea for a media production company for the business/ entrepreneurship niche and a culture/ lifestyle segment. Thanks to this months sponsor, First Mid-Illinois Bank, attendees enjoyed free pizza and refreshments with sound entertainment services provided by DJ4U.

Jennifer Daly, CEO of Greater Peoria Economic Development Council said, “Helping local entrepreneurs launch new companies is a critical, long-term strategy for growing diverse employment opportunities in Greater Peoria. We know local entrepreneurs like Josh are more like to stay and grow in their hometown. Years from now, Virtual Halo could be a primary source of technology jobs in our region and we are excited to help them get started.”

The Greater Peoria Start Up community remains vivacious and excited for the future. Plans are already in the making for our upcoming KeyStart Pitch Competition in November. As entrepreneurship becomes even more important for Greater Peoria, KeyStart will remain a proud supporter of innovation and creative problem-solving.

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