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Why People Aren’t Investing in Your Startup

According to Global Accelerator Network, there are three reasons that can keep companies from receiving investments:

1. You’re talking to the wrong group.
Many startups seek funding from VCs, but about 80% of all funding comes from angel investors that live within 50 miles of an accelerator.

2. You’re not asking the right questions.
Your first question should always be, “what are you looking for in a company where you invest your money?” Many companies are weighing in the success of the management team as heavily, if not more so, than the potential success of the idea or product.

3. You haven’t demonstrated why your startup would be a good investment.
Prepare a pitch deck and a product that you can show to potential investors. Companies are looking to invest in startups that are competent and organized, and without a deck or product to show you’re going to lose credibility very quickly.

Read GAN’s full article here.

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