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Sameer Remembers Startup Weekend 2014

I asked Sameer Musaitif – a member of the winning team in 2014 – to recount his experience. Read the full article here.

Sameer on “No Talk, All Action”:

The biggest thing Startup Weekend taught me was sometimes you need to stop thinking about things and just do it.

Sameer on what can be accomplished in 54 hours:

…it was mind blowing to see what could be done in less than 3 days given the right environment. Even if we hadn’t come in 1st place, everyone with the entrepreneurial spirit gains something just by participating.

Sameer on seizing the opportunity:

Don’t have any formal business knowledge? Me neither.
Don’t know how to code? Nada.
Don’t know anything about graphic design? Hell no.
Don’t have an idea? Neither did I, but my team won.
These types of opportunities must be jumped on, and it’s that time of year again. Startup Weekend is back, and I highly encourage everyone in the Greater Peoria Area with an entrepreneurial spirit to participate next month.
Hope to see you there, good luck!

Sameer’s story is one of many just like it. Signing up for something like Startup Weekend can be scary, because it’s outside the comfort zone, but that’s where the magic happens.


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