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Startup Weekend FAQs

  • Do I have to be an entrepreneur to participate? Nope.
  • Do I have to come with an idea? No, plenty of participants come to work on someone else’s idea. It’s great experience. But anyone who buys a ticket will be given the chance to pitch his or her idea.
  • Am I supposed to come with a team? No, part of the value of Startup Weekend is to meet new people and work on a project together on a hard deadline. However, if you want to sign up with a team, you may, but Startup Weekend asks that you come with a new idea (that you haven’t already been working on) to keep the playing field level.
  • Will I be part owner of a business after the weekend? / what is the commitment? No, Startup Weekend is a workshop meant to provide an immersive entrepreneurial learning experience for adults who want to learn about startups. Having said that, teams may choose to stay together beyond the weekend. That’d be cool, but not required.
  • Can I pitch my existing business? No, that’s not the point here. If you do have a startup though, Startup Weekend is a great place to meet potential cofounders, investors, or interns. But if you could use $5000 for your existing new startup, click here.

The deadline to register for Startup Weekend is Friday. Do it now!

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