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Travel Grant Winner NFW meets Industry Expert

We were able to visit with Natural Fiber Welding after they flipped our travel grant on its head. They flew Steve Charron from North Carolina to Peoria using their grant, and were able to make a lot of progress.

NFW team member setting up a spool of yarn onto the winding machinery.

Charron is an industry expert in yarn winding. His company and its partner, Meera Industries, provides textile twisting machinery and technology to companies all around the world.

Because of Charron’s experience in the field, he is recognized as a technical expert and often works as a consultant to companies wanting to integrate yarn winding solutions into their own equipment.

In order to enter market, NFW needs to ensure that their textiles have the integrity needed to run on high-speed production knitting machines. As a long-term solution, NFW wants to improve their yarn winding hardware so that their yarn meets the textile industry standard.

Steve Charron, middle, explaining yarn winding technology to NFW team members.

After experimenting with NFW’s yarns at his own facility, Charron visited NFW in Peoria in order to teach the team how to improve their winding systems.

When we showed up last week, they were busy wrapping up day two of the visit! All the team members we spoke to learned valuable information about yarn winding technology and how to improve their processes.

We want to thank NFW for challenging the guidelines for the travel grant, and using it to have Charron visit their headquarters here in Peoria. Because of the switch, Charron got a closer look at NFW’s winding hardware and was able to give incredibly specific and helpful advice to the team. We can’t wait to hear how this effects the future of NFW!

Industry expert Steve Charron, left, shaking hands with NFW founder Dr. Luke Haverhals, right.

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