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Winter Startup Mixer 2018 Photo Recap

We had our third Mixer event on Friday!

If you missed it, here are some photos from the night:

There was a huge mix of people from the entrepreneurial community! From founders to service providers to supporters.

Our goal: no line at the check-in table.

Some people brought their friends along.

Some people made some new friends.

Jonathan Wright, from Peoria Magazines, was our DJ for the night!

Best way to start a conversation: tell an engaging story.

We had over 120 attendees!

We loved the vinyl.

Plaid was not required to attend.

The music was groovy.

How many cool things did Randon talk about?

We gave out door prizes!

People were excited about the after-party at Ulrich’s Rebellion Room.

We’re still jealous of Jon’s cool lava lamp.

Look at all these smiling faces!

Choice of drinks: beer, wine, or water.

Did we mention how awesome the GAR Hall is?

Cracking jokes to break the ice.

Jonathan’s music choices were so good that…

we pushed the tables out of the way to make a dance floor!

These two were too busy mixing it up to participate in the dance party.

Dance off!

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