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Startup Pitch Competition May 1


May 1 | 6-8pm | Peoria City Hall Council Chambers


Startup GP and i3 Broadband are putting on a business pitch competition for early stage startup businesses. Businesses will be split into two categories – small scale and venture scale. Businesses must be for-profit enterprises.

Small scale refers to freelancers, side-hustlers, solopreneurs, microbusinesses, retail businesses, other lifestyle businesses.

Venture scale refers to scalable, rapid growth startups, most likely technology- and IP-heavy, able to serve customers outside its immediate geographic region, with a business model that supports millions in revenue.


Unfunded or bootstrapping entrepreneurs that fit into one of the categories above.



Tuesday, May 1, 6-8pm @ Peoria City Hall Council Chambers

419 Fulton St / Peoria IL 61602

Please arrive 10 minutes early.

NOTE: there is only capacity for 70 people, including participants and judges. Please click here to let us know if you plan to attend.


A fun event to engage the early stage startup community and celebrate the visiting of Results Junkies venture capitalists / startup mentors.


Participants must be for-profit businesses past the idea stage, and will declare whether they are a small scale or venture scale startup.

Each participant will be allowed three minutes to present.

Each participant will be allowed three slides in addition to a title slide, which will not count against the three-slide maximum. (Pro tip: use the title slide wisely!)

Each participant will be allowed to bring a prototype/product/demo/etc. if she or he wishes, although the time spent showing and telling will count against the three minutes.


There will be a panel of judges who will score each pitch according to the following:

  1. Customer segments – as specifically as possible, explain who the customer segments are and (at least an idea of) how you will reach them
  2. Value proposition – what is the package of products and services and why would the customer segments choose you over the competition
  3. Validation – what evidence is there that your business has traction or will get traction with the customer segments

IMPORTANT: we will announce the winners at the Spring Startup Mixer on the following evening of May 2. (Those judges who wish to attend the Spring Startup Mixer will be provided a free ticket.)


There will be three awards in each category, as follows:


1st place venture scale – $1000 cash 1st place small scale – $1000 cash
2nd place venture scale – $500 cash 2nd place small scale – $500 cash
3rd place venture scale – $250 cash 3rd place small scale – $250 cash



Click this link for more info on the Spring Startup Mixer and to buy tickets:


Please contact Randon Gettys at with questions.

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