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Results Junkies Visit Recap

The Results Junkies Airstream.

A traveling investor group named Results Junkies visited Peoria to meet with entrepreneurs and founders. For the past three years, they’ve traveled around the nation in a truck-plus-Airstream rig to find early stage startups to invest in as well as spread the word of entrepreneurship.

It was fun! Here’s what went down, by the numbers.


I wasn’t personally able (nor invited to) all the individual meetings the Results Junkies held over the three days they were in Peoria, but the number was greater than or equal to ten.

These “office hours” meetings are the primary value-add that the RJ team bring with them to a given town. (It’s likely too early to know whether or not they will make any investments into Peoria companies.)


Cash money dollars awarded to entrepreneurs at the live pitch competition.

3 & 4

Paul Singh of Results Junkies.

Three public facing events.

The first was a pitch competition at which FOUR entrepreneurs made their public presentation debut! That’s clap-worthy.

The second was the regularly scheduled 1 Million Cups, where Paul Singh was the presenter.

The third was the 2018 Spring Startup Mixer, where over 50 people got together to network with each other and learn about what other startup community people are up to.


Media coverage. This included a pre-visit article by the Journal Star, a live interview with TV journalist Eugene Daniel, as well as live coverage of our pitch competition from WMBD News.

The .5 is the raw audio we have of a long form discussion we had at Widecast Studio. We hope to get a small podcast produced soon.


Minds blown by a private visit to OSF’s Jump Simulation facility and a chat with folks from OSF Ventures and OSF Innovation. The Results Junkies team have visited hundreds of cities in the US and asserted that they’d not yet seen a healthcare innovation ecosystem as sophisticated and ambitious as OSF’s.


Terrific sponsor in i3 Broadband. We get our office WiFi from them and it is insanely fast. Anyway, we are grateful for their participation in the Results Junkies tour stop.

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