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Meet the CO.STARTERS: Startup Greater Peoria

Meet the CO.STARTERS: Nyrobi Wheeler

Meet the CO.STARTERS: Nyrobi Wheeler

Say hello to Nyrobi Wheeler, another CO.STARTER in our Spring 2019 cohort.

A little about Nyrobi’s businesses:
My online teaching business is called Striving Potential Academy. I developed this business in October 2018 in hoping of assisting potential students who were interested in taking professional development courses and who were not interested in pursuing a full degree program or certification. My mission statement is “Striving To Be The Best You Can Be.” I want students to be able to upgrade their professional skills so that they can have opportunities for a new job or improve their skill sets in their existing one. I currently have courses in African American History, English grammar and a Conversational Spanish and French for Travelers Course.

My online Travel Business is called Intele Travel. I assist customers with their travel destinations, whether it be for a cruise, booking a flight or just to go to a musical. This is my most recent business venture, just starting in February this year.

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