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Meet the CO.STARTERS Startup Greater Peoria

Meet the CO.STARTERS: Jessica Wagner

It’s Friday and time to introduce you all to another member of the Spring 2019 CO.STARTERS cohort! Up this week: Jessica Wagner

Meet the CO.STARTERS: Jessica Wagner
Meet the CO.STARTERS: Jessica Wagner

A little about Jessica’s business:

My business is to be called Catching Rays.  It will be a woman owned solar installation business.  It’s mission is to provide clean affordable energy for homes, businesses, and organizations in Central Illinois.  Catching Rays will use local union labor thorough both its own installers and electricians sub contracted though the IBEW.

Employees selected will be diverse and inclusive of all genders, races, and economic backgrounds producing quality craftsmanship and community.  It will help provide solid employment through out Peoria and the surrounding areas.  It will bring a new quality of life to both the ones employed and serviced though these contracts.  Through helping our neighbors we will help ourselves grow.

Stay tuned for more CO.STARTERS updates and profile features.

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