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Meet the COSTARTERS Team

Meet the CO.STARTERS: Michelle Bohm

It’s time again to meet another member of the Spring 2019 CO.STARTERS cohort!
Up next: Michelle Bohm. Michelle is the Founder & CEO of Inspired Style Company, a salon & boutique located in Pekin, IL.

A little about her business:

Our Salon takes the area’s best beauty and wellness providers and gives them the support they need to serve their clients with excellence. Our Boutique is full of products designed to inspire you; we partner with woman-owned businesses that have a story worth sharing.

Michelle Bohm. Founder & CEO of Inspired Style Company

I wanted to be part of the CoStarters program because I’m a “leap first, ask questions later” kinda gal and now that my business is off the ground it is time to start answering some of those important questions. I have a big mission to serve and to achieve it I need every tool and resource I can gather.

The true heart of my business is helping other female entrepreneurs get their start within my company. I saw a tremendous need that I was uniquely qualified to fill, even if I came from a different background. Now I get to work with passionate artists everyday whose talents balance my own; together we are building something incredible.

Stay tuned to meet another CO.STARTER later this week! Learn more here.
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