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Meet the COSTARTERS Team

Meet the CO.STARTERS: Jennifer Johnson

Welcome to another edition of Meet the CO.STARTERS! Up this week is Jennifer Johnson.

A little about her business:

Meet the CO.STARTERS: Jennifer Johnson
Meet the CO.STARTERS: Jennifer Johnson

Connect Web Design and Marketing is a Digital Marketing Agency specializing in helping business’ with web based marketing solutions.  We specialize in designing websites that are optimized for high conversion rates and have numerous options available to drive traffic to your website.   There are many options available in the world of digital marketing and effective branding is imperative for the success of any business.  Cross-promoting on multiple web platforms will increase conversions along with online ranking.  Please check out and reach out with any questions.

Connect Web DesignConnect Web Design and Marketing
(309) 339-7258

Stay tuned for more CO.STARTERS news!

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