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Research Facilities

Research Facilities are dedicated centers in which focused research is done in a certain field. These facilities can provide educational training, usability studies, and access to research findings.

OSF Innovation

OSF Healthcare

OSF Innovation programs and objectives focus on professional education for preparing clinicians, clinical service training for a wide range of caregivers, and health care systems and engineering research and development. Outcomes are measured through the yield of superior clinicians, performance improvement in health care delivery, and new devices and processes that advance clinical training.


OSF Healthcare

Jump ARCHES represents a revolutionary partnership between clinicians and engineers to stimulate the advancement of health care. In collaboration with the University of Illinois College of Medicine at Peoria, Jump ARCHES focuses on the technologies and techniques of clinical simulation and its impact on patient care.

National Center for Agricultural Utilization Research

United States Department of Agriculture

NCAUR invents new industrial and food products from agricultural commodities, develops new technologies to improve environmental quality, and provides technical support to Federal regulatory and action agencies. As the designated lead technology transfer facility for USDA, NCAUR maintains a mixed portfolio of interdisciplinary science ranging from fundamental to applied research.

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