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Natural Fiber Welding

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Natural Fiber Welding

Peoria, IL-based Natural Fiber Welding, Inc. (NFW) is a disruptive chemistry and technology company poised to offer sustainable alternatives to nonrenewable plastics and produce high value materials from low cost, highly functional naturally occurring fibers. NFW is the product of more than $10 million dollars of transformative fundamental and applied research funded by several Department of Defense initiatives, including the U.S. Air Force Office of Scientific Research: Complex Material and Devices – Natural Materials and Systems program.

By working with plant based fibrous materials, our scientists and engineers are creating new opportunities to enhance and leverage the most plentiful and renewable resources on the planet for applications traditionally associated with synthetic products. We have established a holistic, rapidly growing Intellectual Property (IP) strategy while holding the exclusive rights to commercialize a radical new technology worldwide. We are the primary driver behind a materials manufacturing, distribution and upcycling revolution that promises to improve the quality of life for people across the entire socioeconomic spectrum, while simultaneously reducing stresses on our environment.

Dr. Luke Haverhals, Founder/CEO 
Steve Zika, COO 

Year Incorporated: 2015

Contact Info:
6533 N Galena Rd
Peoria, IL 61614

Local Resources Used:
1 Million Cups
Brave Launch
National Center for Agricultural Utilization Research
Turner Center for Entrepreneurship

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